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How To Blend Menus For A MultiCultural Event

The key to creating a menu for a multicultural group is simple, have something for everyone!
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For example, when our catering team builds a menu for an Indian fusion wedding we include some traditional Indian cuisine as well as some common American bites. That means our servers are passing items like crab cakes as well as bhel puri during the cocktail reception…

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And dishes like chicken marsala and chicken tikka masala for dinner.

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Now, when you’re blending cultural cuisines, it’s great to give guests the opportunity to try everything that’s on the menu. So, we recommend having a buffet or family style dinner. Both service styles give your guests the chance to load their plate with something they’ve never tasted as well as food they know they’re going to love.

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If you really want to encourage your guests to try a dish they’ve never had before then we have one final tip that goes a long way… KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Instead of adding a lot of strong flavors directly into the meal, we recommend a mild dish with all of those delicious spices on the side.

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Another way to keep it simple is by choosing a protein that’s familiar to your guests. For example, Americans are use to chicken and beef rather than octopus and rabbit. So, building a dish around poultry rather than game will increase the likelihood of those guests digging in.

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With that being said, the most important thing is that the food (in general) tastes great! So, hire a professional caterer and allow them to help you create a menu that everyone will love!