Distinctive Multi-Cultural Events


Soraya Belgacem
Cristina Hajosy Photography

Raised in a multi-faith home, Soraya Belgacem began her deep connection with different cultures from a young age. With a mother who is a master in multicultural language interpretation, and a father who has a diverse ethnic background, Soraya’s upbringing taught her how important it is understand all walks of life, beliefs, family traditions, and the challenges that come with them. These challenges would later become the inspiration for Soraya’s passion for working within a multicultural environment.

With an interest in learning Soraya began traveling, where she experienced authentic ways of life from various countries. Her first-hand experiences enabled Soraya a deep understanding of cultures beyond her own. From these travels, long-standing and unbreakable relationships were formed and still hold to this day.

Soraya has a passion for everything authentic and loves working with couples to fuse together their unique traditions that make their wedding day special. Soraya’s life experiences are what makes her the premier multi-cultural wedding planner in the northeast.

Because every wedding is so different Soraya creates customized packages specifically for each event in a way that is true, respectful, and welcoming to all.