How To Blend Menus For A MultiCultural Event

The key to creating a menu for a multicultural group is simple, have something for everyone! Photography Credit: Lea St. Germain Photography For example, when our catering team builds a menu for an Indian fusion wedding we include some traditional Indian cuisine as well as some common American bites. That means our servers are passing […]

Everything You Need To Know About Lebanese Weddings

Ever since Soraya Belgacem, our Founder and Lead Event Planner, was a young girl, she’s loved two things… culture and events! So, growing up in a Lebanese family made her particularly fond of the extravagant Lebanese wedding! At this stage in her career, Soraya has planned and attended many Lebanese celebrations, including her cousin’s multicultural […]

Create A Comfortable Balance At Your Interfaith Wedding

Our country is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. So, it’s extremely common for a bride and groom to come from two very different backgrounds. If you’re getting married to someone with different traditions and beliefs than you then it’s important to have a real conversation about your wedding plans. You need to […]